You may or may not believe in Bigfoot, but trust me when I tell you that a Montana dude recently claimed Sasquatch flattened his tire and he wasn't lying. Really.

Here are the facts and yes, I do mean "facts". A guy had a loaner vehicle. He had a flat tire. It was Bigfoot's fault. Seriously. Here's how the repair technician at the dealership explained what happened:

I filmed the video at the dealership I work at in Kalispell MT. It was our loaner vehicle and a customer returned it saying bigfoot flattened the tire.

He has video proof that a Bigfoot was involved. This happened in Montana which is kind of important to note. Wait for it...

See what I meant? Bigfoot really did flatten the tire.

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Here's another interesting fact. A Washington Post story claimed that people are as likely to believe in Bigfoot and/or Sasquatch as they are to believe in the big bang theory. I count myself in that group. If you have a friend in Montana, you might know that the likelihood of Bigfoot belief is almost doubled.

It's not uncommon for many kind Montana neighbors to order loads of Bigfoot yard decorations off of Amazon. That means the chance that one of them is gonna end up in your tire if you travel through the state is high.

Gotta love innocent Bigfoot moments like this ... unless you're the dealership that now has to replace a tire because of it.

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