If you believe the curse put on the land of the Grand Valley in Colorado by the Ute, you'll always be destined to return. Many residents of Grand Junction and the surrounding area abide by this before moving to a new location.

Not the Only Ute Curses Around Colorado

The Grand Valley curse isn't the only curse said to affect residents of Colorado. In the San Luis Valley, it is believed that the Utes placed a curse on the land that led settlers of the area to face hardships and misfortunes.

Many think this curse is the reason the area had so many failed settlements.

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The Story of Colorado's Grand Valley Curse

In the Grand Valley, the folklore of the curse has been told for generations, especially among residents who are about to graduate high school. And for good reason.

According to the stories I've heard about the curse, it only affects natives of the Grand Valley. However, other tellings say anyone who resides here is destined to return.

So what exactly is this curse?

When whites began settling in the Grand Valley, they pushed the Ute people out. The Utes were forced to move to reservations. While being forced out, the Ute condemned the settlers, and anyone after, to always return to the land no matter what.

In short, if you think you're going to leave the Grand Valley, you're gravely mistaken.

BUT! There is a solution.

You must gather dirt from the following locations. Most people take the dirt and put it in a jar and carry it with them whenever they move.

Collect Dirt from the Base of Colorado's Mt. Garfield

Grand Valley Colorado Curse: Mt. Garfield

The first location is at the base of Mt. Garfield. A popular hiking location, so it shouldn't be too hard to take a handful of dirt.

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Collect Dirt from the Confluence of the Gunnison + Colorado Rivers

Grand Valley Colorado Curse: Confluence of Gunnison and Colorado River
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The second location is the confluence of the Gunnison and Colorado Rivers. Not the easiest place to get to, though. You might need a boat, or take your chances swimming across the river -- not suggested though.

Collect Dirt from the Colorado National Monument

Grand Valley Colorado Curse: Colorado National Monument

Finally, you'll need some dirt from the Colorado National Monument. Another fairly easy place to get to.

Now that you have all that dirt, place it in a jar and make sure you never lose it. You too, might be destined to return to the Grand Valley.

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