Here are the results from the 2021 election in Mesa County.

Another election is in the books and the results are in, although as of 2:40 Wednesday, morning, the results were still considered officially "unofficial."

A Lot of People In Mesa County Didn't Vote

Less than half of Mesa County's eligible voters actually voted in the November election. Out of 108,237 active voters, a total of 52,232 ballots were cast.

State Issues

Voters across the state were deciding on a constitutional amendment regarding state spending, and propositions involving a tax increase on marijuana sales, and a reduction in property taxes.

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School Board Candidates and New Schools

Meanwhile, in Mesa County, voters were deciding on school board candidates in the Mesa County School District and the Plateau Valley School District and a tax increase on marijuana in De Beque.

Voters were also determining whether or not there would be a new school for Plateau Valley, and, of course, the big issue for Grand Junction was whether or not to approve the construction of a new Grand Junction High School.


Here are the results from the 2021 November election in Mesa County.

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