It's been a hot and dry summer in Grand Junction and we are seeing the effects of that at River Park at Las Colonias.

Grand Junction Parks and Rec Takes Action

Earlier this month, Grand Junction Parks and Rec had to block off the river channel at River Park because of low flows in the Colorado River. The park was still open, but the water was definitely more stagnant and less than ideal for water fun.

Of course, what's happening with the Colorado River in Grand Junction is just the tip of the iceberg in regards to how the current drought is impacting the river.

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Voluntary Closures of River Fishing

The Colorado River District quoted one Colorado Parks and Wildlife official who said, “We’re rapidly heading toward having more mileage of rivers under voluntary closure than I recall and maybe more than ever." According to SkyHiNews, fishermen have been asked to avoid fishing the river between RIfle and Kremmling because of the low flows. It's possible a mandatory emergency closure could happen which would entirely close the river to fishing. A combination of heat, drought, and low water levels is negatively impacting fish in the river.

Impacts at Lake Powell

Anyone who has been to Lake Powell knows how low the water level is. The Colorado River District is hosting a webinar on August 5 to discuss how Lake Powell's decline affects water users on the western slope.

We are seeing the impact of the drought all up and down the Colorado River including right here in Grand Junction. Take a look at these shocking photos of how low the water is at Grand Junction's River Park.

12 Shocking Photos of Low Water Levels at Grand Junction's River Park

The summer of 2021 has been hot and dry. It's not uncommon for river flows to wane as the summer goes on, but we are seeing the drought's major impact all along the river - from Lake Powel to western Colorado fishing, and Colorado River recreation. If you haven't been out to River Park at Las Colonias Park in Grand Junction lately, you may be shocked at how low the water is. Take a look at the shocking impact of the drought on Grand Junction's River Park.

Riverfront at Las Colonias Park

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