A goat is now cooperating with authorities after a morning standoff in Clifton. The Mesa County Sheriff's Office has the matter under control, and social media is having a field day.

One officer was cornered by the rogue goat. Backup soon arrived and the situation was quickly neutralized.

The incident has already been tagged with @goatlivesmatter, #GoatGate2017, and #Baaad2theBone.

There is an old saying, "Never turn your back on a goat." According to Goatworld.com... yes, there is an actual website called Goatworld.com, try not to laugh, a goat's "aggressive" behavior can often be explained:

...you throw a human into this mix, into their territory, and even though that goat who knows, loves and depends upon you for its care, feels threatened. It's a natural instinct and can largely be observed in the everyday behavior of goats who are vying for their spot in the 'pecking order' of the herd not at the top spot.

The post on the Mesa County Sheriff's Office official Facebook page describes the goat's attitude as "mean." In any event, the situation was quickly diffused, and no further conflicts arose.

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