Colorado travelers on the I-70 corridor should be much happier this weekend with the projected reopening of the interstate through Glenwood Canyon.

Crews have been working round the clock to clean up debris from recent mudslides and it's been a monumental task. According to KDVR,  on Wednesday more than 200 loads of debris were hauled out around mile marker 123.5 and on Tuesday some 45 loads were hauled out.

Super Sacks Put In Place

What you'll see now are more than 156 super sacks that were put in place with a crane this week. These are car-sized sandbags designed to create a barrier for future mudslides

Expect Delays When I-70 Opens

The interstate is still scheduled to open sometime on Saturday, but it's far from normal. CDOT says travel through the canyon will be limited to one lane for several months once the highway opens, which will create some delays. However, anyone who has traveled the lengthy alternate detour route would most likely be happy to trade that extra travel time for a small delay to get through the canyon.

Another bit of good news is the opening of the Shoshone Rest Area and the No Name Rest Area. Other rest areas through the canyon remain closed including Grizzly Creek, Hanging Lake, and Bair Ranch.

When Does the Canyon Open?

At this point, we don't know the exact time Glenwood Canyon will be open to motorists, but CDOT says it expects that time to come Saturday afternoon. Crews still have clean-up work to complete, and fingers remain crossed that conditions through the canyon will remain dry.

From now on I think all of us who travel I-70 regularly will count our blessings every time we make it through the canyon without a major delay or detour.Here's hoping the interstate opens this weekend without any hitches.

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