There's nothing worse than driving behind a bad out of state driver. You can tell these drivers are going to be the worst, just by their plates. Here's the worst of the worst.


California drivers love to speed, cut you off and never use their turn signal. Good luck being around this plate on the road, it'll be a scary guessing game.


Florida drivers are dreaded everywhere. They always drive too slow and I've avoided them ever since I can remember. I suggest you do the same.


Everything is "bigger and badder" in Texas, well, at least the drivers are. Aggressive and speedy, these guys will ride your ass or cut you off at any given minute. Brakes are encouraged around Texans.


In Wyoming you can drive up to 80, so why do they drive so slow in Colorado? Drive like you usually do in Wyoming, faster.


Alabama drivers have come a long way. So they like to soak in everything. While listening to "Sweet Home Alabama."

Souce: K99

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