Vanity license plates are extremely popular in Colorado, but before you apply for one you might want to check Colorado's list of banned and potentially offensive license plates.

The possibilities of vanity plates are nearly limitless but so are the plates that are not allowed by the state of Colorado because they may be considered offensive with objectional words or implied phrases. In fact, there are thousands of banned license plate names in Colorado. The Department of Revenue's website offers this general guideline.

With thousands of banned names on the list, we couldn't possibly list them all here, but here is a look at some of the banned plates A to Z. Someone has obviously been busy thinking up as many offensive words and phrases as possible.

  • A

    Pretty much anything with ASS is going to be rejected. Even variations of spellings may be rejected like AZZKICR, ASHOLE, or suggestive words like AROUSE and AGAYLAY.

  • B

    BAD seems to be a generally rejected term as in BADDASS, or BADBUTT. Various forms of BITCH will be rejected including BICHUN, BICHIN, and BITC. Different forms of BLOW are also not allowed like BLOWME, BLOWN1, and BLOWNUP. Other rejects included BOOBIES, BONEN, and BOYTOY.

  • C

    There are plenty of sexual terms in the C's that will get you a rejection letter like CONDOM, COCKS, CUM4ME, and CUNTRY.

  • D

    Not every banned license plate is necessarily vulgar. DOIT, DOME, DRUGS, and DOOBEE will not be accepted.

  • E

    EASY9, EROTIC, EJAQL8, EARGAZM are among the no-nos in the E's. EVIL69, EATTHIS, EETMEE, and ECTSTAZE are also on the prohibited list.

  • F

    If you like the word FAT, there's a good chance it's not going to work on a license plate. FATASS, FATBUTT, FATTAZZ, and FATBICH are not allowed. Of course, anything with the letters FKN is also going to be rejected along with anything that contains the actual F-word.

  • G

    GOT this or GET that are basically always rejected as well as anything with GOD in it. GOOSEME, GRASSMN, GR8NBED, and GOVTSUX are all on the list.

  • H

    HELL or any form of it is a no-go, like HELRZR, HELLYA, or HEL2PAY. HEMP, HOMO, HONKY, HORNY, and just about anything HOT is forbidden.

  • I

    There are plenty of sexual terms beginning with I that make the list like IBLOW, IGETOFF, ILV4PLY and ILUBEU. IMEASY, ILUV69, and ITSHIS are not allowed.

  • J

    The J-list is pretty short, so if your word or phrase starts with J you have a good chance of getting it approved. JRKWAD, JACKDUP, JUGSUP, and JUICEE1 will be rejected.

  • K

    Don't even think about kissing or kicking because it probably won't work. KICKGAS, KICKA55, KISSIT, KISSOF, and KIXASS are all on the list along with KILLYOU, KILLME, and KOKAIN.

  • L

    There are some things you can love - or luv - but not LUVBONE, LUVLACE, LOVESEX, or LUVMUS.

  • M

    MADDOG, MADDAWG, MANHOLE, and MOONME are among the banned Ms. MYBADSS, MYHOLE, MYHO, and MYSOB will get you a rejection letter.

  • N

    It looks like you will have to keep your clothes on because just about anything NUDE is not allowed. NICERAK, NAKED1, NIPPLE, NOOKIE, NOTUSH, and NOTFREE are on the banned list.

  • O

    Anything that looks or sounds like ORGIE is pretty much banned. You'll also find OPEN2U, OHELLNO, OLDFRT, and ONLYMEN are on the restricted list.

  • P

    You may be having some stomach trouble but you can't use PASSGAS. POOP, PIMPN, POPCAN, PORNGUY, PORNO, PU55Y, PNITUP are all banned.

  • Q

    QUICKY is the key word here you can't use, regardless of how you spell it: QUIKY, QUIKEE, or QWIK69.

  • R

    You can't say RETARD, REDRUM, RAMROD, or RDNECK on your license plate. Just about anything that begins with RU is going to be a no.

  • S

    Pretty much anything with the word SEX is on the banned list, as is any form of SHT. Even in Colorado you can't use SMOKPOT, or SNOWHO.

  • T

    You can put Tabasco on your eggs and your tacos but you can't have TBASCO on your license plate. You have to know that anything with TIT in it is not going to be allowed along with TOPLESS, TOOSEXY, TOHELL, or TKITOFF.

  • U

    Your coworker may have body odor but that doesn't mean you can have USMEL or USTINK on your plate. UPYRS or UPYR anything most likely gets rejected.

  • V

    It's great on a sore back, but VIBR8, VIB8TR, or VIBR8N isn't going to go over on a license plate.

  • W

    WET could be a tough sell here from WETBACK, WETFUN, WETDRM, and WETYET all on the list. Maybe you were thinking WIGGLY or WEEWEE, but you'll have to go back to the drawing board because those are also on the banned list.

  • X

    XRATD isn't on the banned list, but XXXFORD, XXXCREW, and XXXXXXX are.

  • Y

    YEAHBUT might be part of your daily vocabulary but you can't put in on your plate. YUCK, YOUSUCK, and YUSOB get a no.

  • Z

    ZBITCH, Z4PLAY, and ZIPITUP are on Colorado's forbidden list. Guess I will just go with Zane, if THAT isn't on the naughty list.

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