So often here at the radio station, we talk about our personal lives and what we are doing outside of work, and recently so much of our conversations have been about home improvement projects. Quite a few of my coworkers all own their homes but we all have things that we would like to improve within our homes. So, how do you pick someone to work on your home when you need home improvements done?

It’s a tough question because you’re trusting someone else to work on your biggest investment. You have to have a level of trust with them, and also expect a professional service to be done right. I’ve recently had my house worked on for my sprinklers, my swamp cooler, and other various projects, and the guys I found online were tremendous and did all the work at a reasonable price.

Also recently I needed some carpet replaced after our dogs had an accident that just couldn’t be cleaned up by a carpet cleaner and the work was okay, it was more than I was quoted, just not the same good experience I had with the first crew I hired.

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Do You Take Friends Recommendations on Home Repairs or Look Online?

I find it difficult to trust people to work on my house, but I must admit I am not exactly handy when it comes to home improvement projects. I can watch a YouTube video and follow a few instructions but anything bigger than that and I will be hiring someone to make sure I don’t screw things up. So, how do you decide who will work on your home when it needs improvements?

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