Radio Shack is closing more than 500 of its stores, leaving us to wonder how this massive closure will affect western Colorado.

Business Insider reports 187 stores are closing immediately with another 365 stores closing by the first week of April.

Radio Shack stores in Glenwood Springs, Montrose, and Aspen are not on the list of 552 stores that will go dark in the next few days. However, the company says it will continue to evaluate the remaining 1,000 stores, meaning there could be additional closings.

While it is certainly good news that these western slope stores are not being targeted for closure at this time, I remain cautiously optimistic. When the announcement came down a few months back of massive closings of Kmart and Sears stores, Grand Junction was not on the initial list -- and then, BOOM, there we were - and now Kmart is closed. So, you never know.

So, the word for now is that 11 Colorado Radio Shack Stores are closing in the Denver area, Colorado Springs, and Greeley, but the western slope stores are remaining open. Radio Shack has filed for bankruptcy so we will be watching closely for further developments.




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