If you were in Grand Junction back in the 1970s, you remember Dean's Drive In. If you were around in the 1950s, you can remember what that same location was called before it was known as Dean's. Somebody needs to bring back Grand Junction's "Goofy Gal" right away.

The Goofy Gal was located at 821 N. 12th Street in Grand Junction, right across from Lincoln Park. It operated under that name until sometime in the mid-1960s.

I was born in 1970, so I wasn't around for the Goofy Gal. I was, however around for Dean's.

Goofy Gal map
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Dean's was awesome! Great burgers, shakes, at what I'm going to call a 1950s style drive-in. Please note my use of the words "drive-in" as opposed to "drive-thru." For the youngsters out there, this is how the place worked: you pulled your car into these vertical stalls, kind of like you see at a modern day Sonic, placed your order, and then, you stayed there, in your car. There was none of this paper-bag-out-the-window jive. You actually dined in your car!

By the time I came around, I think you could push this little button on a speaker/microphone and chat with the jolly person inside the restaurant. Eventually, a lady in a waitress uniform would bring out your order.

What could be more perfect than this? A way cool drive in, right in the heart of Grand Junction, blocks from the University, directly across from Lincoln Park.

After rummaging through a ton of old Bob Grant photos, this is the one and only shot my dad could come up with. The photo reflects every word I've said. Look at those happy campers enjoying a stop at the Goofy Gal.

If you drive by this location, you'll notice several available lots. What do you say we put these to use? I can't afford groceries, let alone the cost of constructing and opening a drive-in restaurant. The ball is in your court on this one, Grand Junction. We've seen the return of a handful of nostalgic restaurants. Who's up for bringing back the "Goofy Gal"?

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