In Colorado, we love to play golf. With the scenery here, it makes it even more pleasurable to play. So where would we find the best holes in Colorado? posted a list of the Gold, SIlver and Bronze medal holes in Colorado and Grand Junction has one. So without any further ado, the list.

Gold Medal Holes

These are the ones they chose based on the difficulty of the hole as well as the surroundings. See if you agree.

Redlands Mesa Golf Club - Grand Junction

The par-3 17th at Redlands Mesa warrants a gold medal due to the length of the approach (218 yards) and 150-foot drop from tee box to green. Watch out for the deep bunker to the right of the green!

Ironbridge Golf Club - Glenwood Springs

The Gold medal hole on this course is the 12th. A par 4 435 yard doozie of a hole, the tee box also sits above the fairway. With the way this particular hole is set up, it doesn't reward you for a long tee shot, as it just keeps rolling away. A magnificent hole.

Alternate fairways highlight this hole, giving the golfer two ways to approach the green. a 570 yard (from the most difficult tee box) par 5, this hole will challenge any golfer.

Silver Medal Holes

While no Grand Junction course made this list, nearby New Castle did.

The 557-yard par 5 18th presents a challenge all its own with the length of the hole as well as the hazards surrounding it. But it's a beautiful course, and the approach on 18 is stunning.

The 240-yard par 3 16th makes the list here. A 50-foot drop from the back of the tee box onto the green makes this shot a difficult one. Hit it too strong and par 3 becomes a 7 or 8 real quick.

Ballyneal - Holyoke

Located east of Lamar, the town of Holyoke boasts one amazing golf course. A highly banked, 352-yard par 4 invites you to try a long tee shot, but using the banks, laying up then banking it in, pool style will reduce the number of strokes it will take to complete this silver medal hole.

Bronze Medal Holes

Ballyneal - Holyoke

Once again making the list, Ballyneal boasts this silver medal winning Par 3 145 yard 3rd hole. The green sits in a bowl and tilts to the right. Keep your approach left.

Castle Pines Golf Club - Castle Rock

This course, a Jack Nicklaus designed course offers some of the most difficult golf in the state. The par 4 462 yard 3rd hole the Bronze medal winning hole on this course with two fairways, a downhill slope, and a short, diagonally shaped green. Good luck!

This is the very first hole on the course. No sense in waiting. 604 yards, par 5 and rolling hills on the fairway give you the thought that you could eat up half of the length in your tee shot. Maybe you can, but where you'll end up is another matter.

So there are your Gold, SIlver and Bronze medal winning holes. Let us know how well you did!

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