It's an old trick -- and it's legal--and the Rye Thunderbolts used it over the weekend to help capture the Colorado  Class 2A high school baseball championship.

It was the semi-finals against Hotchkiss with Rye up by one, and the tying run at second base with two out in the final inning. The pitcher fakes a throw back to second base, and the outfielders pretend to go after the ball in the outfield. The base runner, thinking there has been an errant throw, takes off for third and is promptly tagged out by the pitcher.  Game over.

Rye won the game 9-8, and then went on to defeat Resurrection Christian 12-10 to win the Colorado state championship and finish the season 25-0.

It's a seldom seen play, but it worked to perfection at the most opportune time. It's not against the rules, but, still, I'm not sure that's how I would want to win the game. What about you?