Last week we asked you to vote for what YOU think Grand Junction's Signature dish should be, and the results are in.

Some may be surprised, others not so much at this revelation, but first, let's talk about what we were voting for.

Lacking an actual "signature dish" in Grand Junction, we asked you to vote on the following.

Green Chili, Los Jilberto's Super Fries, Peach Salsa, Graff Dairy Ice Cream, Starvin Arvin's Cinnamon Rolls or your choice. After all of the votes have been tabulated, we have a winner and the winner is: Green Chili with 29.63%. Just about 30% have decided Green Chili should be the signature dish! NOW, we have to figure out WHO'S green chili! Sounds like a competition may be just ahead.

Los Jilberto's Super Fries with 22.22%, so good. No matter when you eat them.
Peach Salsa 22.22%  Have you actually tried any? This stuff is great!

Graff Dairy Ice Cream came in with 11.11%  A Grand Junction staple. And honestly some of the best ice cream I have had in my life.

Starvin Arvin's Cinnamon Rolls brought in 7.41%. Delicious anytime, get a bunch and enjoy with just about everything.

Other: 7.41%  Mystery Food!

So Grand Junction has spoken. It's Green Chili! Eat up Grand Junction and be proud! You can call Green Chili YOUR signature dish!

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