If you've lived in western Colorado for more than five minutes, you're very much aware of how unpredictable the weather can be. Have you ever noticed it can be raining at your house, but not at your next-door neighbor's?

Last night's rain was awesome, not to mention greatly appreciated. If they could, my trees and plants would say, "Thank you." As it turns out, though, the distribution of rainfall was downright bizarre.

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Location A

This is the aftermath of last night's rain for the residents in the vicinity of 27 Road and B Road. City crews had to be called in with tractors and trucks to remove large amounts of mud from the residential streets.

Grand Junction Street Covered in Mud
Waylon Jordan
Aftermath of Rain in Orchard Mesa
Waylon Jordan

Location B

At the time of last night's rain, I was at a rehearsal, also known as a booze and B.S. session, at a friend's house at approximately 29 Road and Patterson. Just enough rain fell to spot up my windshield.

Then, I talk with a coworker who lives at 30 Road and Patterson, and he said it was raining cats and dogs. That's only a mile from my rehearsal location. How could that be?

What's The Difference?

Let's get to the bottom of this. What's the distance between Location A and Location B? After a quick visit to Google Maps, I learned the distance is just about six miles. That's right, six miles. Oddly, by my estimates, the 29 Road location is directly in line with the valley's normal weather pattern.

Earlier This Week

A few days ago I made my morning commute to work (if you want to call it work.) My residence in Orchard Mesa didn't see a drop of rain. While driving through downtown Grand Junction at 5:30 that morning I encountered standing water in the streets. Upon reaching the studio, a soggy parking lot with overflowing storm drains.

The overall distance between the two locations = three miles.

Oh, Well

I guess every rainstorm has to start and end somewhere. Still, it is difficult to grasp the idea of the drastic difference in weather between locations in such close proximity to one another.

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