While fire restrictions have been in place for several weeks, mandatory water restrictions may be coming next for Grand Junction.

Mesa County Is In Exceptional Drought

Drought conditions are not only creating more favorable wildfire conditions but are also creating concerns about water usage in the Grand Valley. The City of Grand Junction says Mesa County is in "exceptional drought" and it's expected to stay that way through August. Essentially, that means above normal daytime temperatures and below-normal precipitation.

City of Grand Junction Utilities Director Randi Kim told KKCO News the city is working with other utilities in the Grand Valley to promote voluntary water restrictions in an effort to avoid having to implement mandatory conservation efforts. The goal of the Utilities Department is to have 140% of its annual demand store in reservoirs on the Grand Mesa. Currently, the city is getting its full flow in the Kannah Creek watershed, but Kim says if the flow level drops, it could mean mandatory restrictions.

Mandatory Water Restrictions Could Hit Grand Junction

Mandatory water restrictions would essentially affect the way people water their lawns. The city recommends watering your lawn a maximum of three times per week. The most efficient time to water is before 10:00 a.m. and after 6:00 p.m. to minimize evaporation. It's not entirely clear exactly how the city would enforce mandatory water restrictions if they become necessary.

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Everybody Can Do Something To Conserve Water

Of course, there are many ways each of us can conserve water in our personal use including taking shorter showers and use low-flow showerheads, running the dishwasher-less frequently, check toilets for leaks, and having water-efficient fixtures and appliances.

It seems like it's difficult to get people to take these concerns seriously, but if everyone would at least make some efforts to conserve water it would make a huge difference. Water conservation efforts today could prevent those mandatory water restrictions tomorrow.

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