There's good news and bad news when it comes to the construction projects happening in Grand Junction and Clifton, Colorado.

According to a press release from the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT), there will be numerous construction projects that are expected to cause delays when traveling in Mesa county.

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US 6/North Ave Resurfacing Project

I hate to break it to you, but if you thought the construction on North avenue was close to coming to an end then you couldn't be more wrong.

Starting in May and scheduled to end in November 2022, there will be a resurfacing project along North Ave.

The specific location of the construction will be on N. 1st street to I-70B, mile points 31-34.

The project is currently anticipated to be worked on at night and will include raised median replacements.

US 6/Clifton Reconstruction

Coming this fall is a major reconstruction project in Clifton that is expected to last until the fall of 2023.

CDOT is currently planning to, "relocate and construct a series of new utility infrastructure including water lines, storm sewers, sanitary sewers, and irrigation lines."

Once the underground work is complete, CDOT plans to make some other big changes, including adding two roundabouts at the 1st Street and 5th Street intersections of US 6.

In addition, CDOT is planning to install new sidewalks and crosswalks, as well as make traffic signal timing adjustments.

CO 141& US 6 Resurfacing Project

Starting at the intersection of US Highway 50, located north of Whitewater, there will be resurfacing work on Colorado Highway 141 aka 32 Road in Clifton.

Mile points 38-46, as well as 157-160, will be affected.

The construction is expected to last until July 2022.

Due to single-lane alternating traffic, 10-minute delays are expected for those traveling both Eastbound and Westbound.

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