The Glacier Ice Arena in Grand Junction has been vacant for a while now, it has almost been a full year since it shut down. Back on August 6, there was a post on social media that was made online about the facility closing due to the pandemic and uncertainty regarding guidelines moving forward. No one knew exactly what would happen with the ice arena, then the property was put up for sale. And according to KKCO, it seems like Grand Junction citizens would like to see the city purchase and take ownership of the building.

The current cost to purchase the ice arena is near $2 million dollars but an anonymous donor did offer to pay half of the city would pay the other half and the facility would remain an ice arena for people and groups to use for years to come.

There was a city council meeting on Monday and outside of Grand Junction’s city hall was approximately 40 people who gathered to show support for the city to make the purchase of Glacier Ice Arena.

There Were Specific Grand Junction Groups Rallying for the city to Purchase the Ice Arena

Local groups including the Grand Junction figure skating club, the Grand Junction Coyotes hockey team, and the Glenwood Grizzlies all showed support to purchase the arena earlier this week.

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The CMU Hockey Team Will Be Gone Forever if the Ice Arena Closes

CMU Hockey coaches have said that if the ice arena closes that will permanently disband our college hockey team.
Let’s hope somehow the ice arena is able to stay in business and open again soon, we will let you know as things develop.

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