It's not very often the Grand Junction Police Department gives you a routine they want you to follow. So when these tips were posted online by our local law enforcement officers I take this information seriously.

The safety tips posted on Tuesday were about making sure you don't become a victim of theft. Unfortunately, auto theft in the Grand Junction area is on the rise but now is the time to react so it reduces your risk of having a vehicle stolen or items out of your vehicle stolen.

We all know that it is very easy to get distracted at night after running around all day long with a stressful schedule but these simple times could save you a huge headache. Plain and simple most of the theft cases that have been popping up around our area have been a crime of opportunity, which means you made it simple for the thief to steal something.

Here are the steps that Grand Junction Police Officers would like to see you make as your 9 p.m. habit each night to lower your risks of having anything stolen.

9 p.m. Nightly Safety Routine

To help make this routine a habit I would suggest putting a reminder on your phone or through your "Alexa" or smart device at home. A few minutes each night could save you so much time and money. And please remember to keep an eye out for your neighbors too. If you see anything suspicious let law enforcement know.

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