Everything changes and businesses come and go, but we always have the memories to keep us company. As time goes on, the more and more places we've come to love leave us with nothing but memories.

While some Grand Junction residents that may not have lived here very long may not know names such as Flamingo Bay or Cahoots, those that have spent a considerable amount of time in the city have more than likely built up an internal list of places that are no longer around that they miss.

What if you could bring back one of these places for just one day? Curious, I posted a question on Facebook asking which club, bar, etc. you would choose to bring back and got all kinds of great responses.

Grand Junction Bars and Clubs You'd Bring Back For One Day

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While there were a pretty significant handful of responses to my question, a few places stood out in particular as favorites. One of the places that multiple people said that they would like to bring back for one day was Cahoots. These people include Britt, Todd, Mike, Doreena, Kimberly, and Danna.

Another place that numerous people would like to bring back for one day was a place called The Rose. In fact, Michael, Kent, Karissa, and John all chose The Rose as the establishment they'd bring back for one day if they could.

Other responses included places like Hooters, DJ's Roadhouse, The Twisted Turtle, The Pour House, and many others.

Grand Junction Bars and Clubs You’d Bring Back for One Day

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