You may be as surprised as I am to discover a North Avenue business in Grand Junction that is closing its doors after nearly six years of operation.

No Shortage of Auto Parts Stores In Grand Junction

When you need to buy auto parts in Grand Junction, it seems like there is always an auto parts store nearby, regardless of where you live. I have counted at least 12 of them. Now there's going to be one fewer auto parts store to choose from.

Store Closing - 75% Off

Zane Mathews
Zane Mathews

You may or may not have noticed the writing on the window of the store at 2893 North Avenue. "Store Closing - 75% Off. It looks like the sale has been going on for a while and is about to come to an end.

As I recall, Advance Auto Parts has been open on North Avenue for nearly 6 years but is closing its doors for good. That will leave one Advance Auto Parts store in Grand Junction - on Highway 6 & 50, right across from Grand Mesa Center.

Auto Parts Overload On North Avenue

Google Street View
Google Street View

It's not surprising that Advance didn't make it on North Avenue, considering the fact there are two other auto parts stores less than a half mile away. Everybody needs parts and accessories for their vehicle, but this section of North Avenue is clearly saturated. We were all shaking our heads when O'Reilly Auto Parts built a new store right next door to Auto Zone, and you probably wonder how that's going.

There are some new things happening on North Avenue like the new Stinker convenience store and Taco Bell at the 29 Road intersection. However, it seems like for every new business that goes in, there's an old one on the way out.

Grand Junction Businesses We Miss The Most Over the Years

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