Do you have plans to be in the Grand Junction Parade of Lights?

It's the biggest parade of the year in Grand Junction and it's closer than ever. The 40th annual Parade of Lights will be held on Saturday, December 3 in downtown Grand Junction beginning at 5:00 p.m.

What Is the Theme of This Year's Grand Junction Parade of Lights?

"There's No Place Like Home" is the theme for this year's Grand Junction Parade of Lights. The image on the downtown Grand Junction website portrays the theme with ruby red slippers, a rainbow, a blue dress, and what appears to be a yellow brick road. Hmmmm....I wonder what they could possibly be implying.

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Think About Movies and Songs For Float Inspiration

While I expect we'll see a fair share of Wizard of Oz-themed floats, this is by no means a Wizard-themed parade. Think of the classic Christmas song Home For the Holidays most famously performed by Perry Como and also by the Carpenters. The song invokes mental images of things like pumpkin pie and traveling home for the holidays. There may be some float ideas right there for you.

How About Home Alone or Elf?

Here's another float idea for you. Think about the classic Christmas movie Home Alone where 8-year-old Kevin McCallister is accidentally left home alone by his preoccupied family. There are plenty of images from that movie that could be replicated on a Christmas float.

Here's one more idea from a movie. How about something from Elf, where Buddy the Elf travels home during the holidays to try and find his real dad. There are a lot of different ways you can go with the "There's No Place Like Home" theme for this year's Parade of Lights.

The Number of Parade Entries Is Limited

In an effort to keep the parade from being uncomfortably long on a wintery-cold December night, the number of parade entries is limited to 100. That means if you want to be in the parade this year you need to get signed up as early as possible. Invariably, there are businesses and organizations that end up wanting to be in the parade, but end up on the outside looking in because they waited too long to get registered. Don't procrastinate.

How Do I Register For the Grand Junction Parade of Lights?

Parade entries will be accepted beginning at 12 noon on Monday, October 24 on the downtown Grand Junction website. Start thinking about creative ways you can employ the "There's No Place Like Home" theme on your float and get your entry in as soon as you can.

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