Grand Junction's Moyer Pool at Lincoln Park is about to celebrate its 100th birthday.

Construction of the pool began way back in 1922. Grand Junction got its first pool the same year that President Warren G. Harding received his first radio. Yankee Stadium was built that year, and the United States finished one of the very first aircraft carriers that year as well.

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Celebrate 100 Years of the Moyer Pool at Lincoln Park in Grand Junction, Colorado

Sources say that William J Moyer and his wife Ida donated $25,000 for the construction of the pool. The couple's one stipulation for the donation was to request that the pool offer free swim days for children. That tradition continues almost 100 years later. The pool will be open for FREE swimming on June 8th. Free ice cream will be provided for the children and Grand Junction Mayor Anna Stout will address those in attendance.

William Moyer's Statue Still Stands on 5th Street in Grand Junction

Ed Chandler
Ed Chandler

Moyer's Statue sits outside the Alpine Bank building which was once the original home of the Grand Junction YMCA. The construction of that building in 1908 was also funded by Moyer who did so much for kids in the Grand Valley.

Things to Enjoy at Lincoln Park in Grand Junction, Colorado

Public space at Lincoln Park offers a grill, picnic tables, a playground, restrooms, shelters, baseball fields, a football field, a quarter-mile track, and horseshoe courts. Kids can continue to swim for free throughout the season

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