A few days ago I asked, "What's the first thing you do when you get home?" Here's what people from Grand Junction had to say.

When your replies came in, it quickly became clear Grand Junction likes to unwind. While I wasn't expecting replies such as "conduct nuclear research" or "study the secret art of Ninjitsu," it was a bit surprising to discover just how tame we can be in Grand Junction.

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Typical Answers From the Web

Checking out Reddit, some common replies people post include:

  • look at pornhub.com
  • change clothes
  • walk the dog
  • pint of beer
  • take off my bra and let these D cups hang
  • shower and rub one out (oh, now.... behave. TMI)

What "Successful" People Do

According to Reader's Digest, these are nine things "successful" people do as soon as they get home from work:

  • Compartmentalize their work
  • don't fall into the 24-hour trap
  • don't watch TV
  • exercise
  • plan for fun
  • date with their partners
  • make time for friends
  • use online services
  • have a pre-betime routine

What Grand Junction Peeps Do When They Get Home From Work

As Grand Junction residents, we work long hours and take home little pay. The cost of living is high, and wages are low. With that in mind, most of us don't jet off to Las Vegas for the night, only to fly back home in the morning to head back to work.

We seem to embrace the fundamentals around here - get out of the uncomfortable clothes, make dinner, or heaven forbid, do housework.

Here's what you had to say when asked "What's the first thing Grand Junction does when we get home from work?"

What's the first thing Grand Junctionites Do When They Get Home?

I asked via social media, "What's the first thing Grand Junction people do when they get home from work?" Here's what you had to say.

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