Is it possible that people in the Grand Valley really hate fruitcake as much as we think they do? You're about to hilariously find out.

Fruitcake has been around since the middle ages, although we aren't exactly sure who the nut was that first concocted the idea of putting fruit in cake. But, the idea caught on -and centuries later folks are still buying, gifting, and, yes, in some isolated cases - eating fruitcake.

What's In A Fruitcake?

The ingredients that go into a fruitcake vary greatly from cake to cake. The one common denominator in all fruitcake is fruit and nuts, however, that could mean anything from candied fruit, dried fruit, fruit rind, nuts, spices - and oftentimes some sort of liquor or brandy.

Did you know you can buy a two-pound fruitcake on Amazon for about 50 bucks? It's true, you can --but why would you? Maybe you would just do cartwheels to have a cake filled with "golden sweet pineapple, lush papaya, ripe red cherries, and plump golden raisins." That's all fine, but, this holiday season I'm sticking with pumpkin pie, and delicious locally made toffee.

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Have You Ever Re-gifted A Fruitcake?

Fruitcake is the butt of many holiday jokes this time of year, and, in reality, it does get re-gifted more than any other present during the holiday season. But, what do people in Grand Junction really think about this holiday offering?


How Do Grand Junction Residents Really Feel About Fruitcake?

Recently, we posed the question to our listeners - "Holiday Fruitcake - Love it or Hate It?" As you might expect, the reactions are somewhat mixed, but if this informal survey is any indication, there probably won't be a lot of fruitcake sold in Grand Junction this year.

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