The new year is coming which means the expiration and renewal of some things in Colorado that you probably wish you could forget about.

It's everyone's favorite pastime, a trip to your local Department of Motor Vehicles! Obviously, that's very much sarcasm if you were unable to tell.

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What Does 2022 Hold? | Grand Junction, Colorado

There are lots of big changes coming in 2022. Probably the most wished-for change on people's list is the return to "normalcy."

The Mesa County Health Department is still urging residents to remain resilient in fighting COVID-19 and the new omicron variant. That means wearing a face covering, washing your hands frequently, getting vaccinated, and of course, staying a safe social distance from others.

Of course, these things are a personal responsibility, so the return to "normalcy" is dependent on how well we follow the advice of our local health officials.

Switching it Up in 2022 | Grand Junction, Colorado

As a newbie to Colorado and specifically Grand Junction, it's time for me to start changing A LOT of things.

One of the first things I have to acquire is proper identification. Right now I have a Texas driver's license and matching Texas plates which makes me definitely stick out.

Time to Visit the DMV | Grand Junction, Colorado

In an effort to avoid the long lines and waiting times of the DMV, I decided to go online to see what I could accomplish.

Honestly so far the process has been pretty easy and convenient. I was able to put in a pre-application for a driver's license and the site thoroughly went over all the paperwork I would need to bring in.

Here's the thing though, when I went to schedule the in-person appointment, the next available one was a month away.

It's not terrible, and it definitely beats spending a day at the DMV, but I can only imagine how much busier it's going to get with the new year approaching.

Word to the wise? If you need to visit the DMV, schedule your appointment online ASAP.

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