Did you know this Grand Junction coffee shop sells books for $1? Imagine that, buying a book for less than the price of a cup of coffee.

When you purchase a book for $1, the money goes to support a great cause. This is the perfect opportunity to pick up a little extra reading material while enjoying a tasty beverage.

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News To Me

I had absolutely no idea this existed. Four Winds Coffee and Tea at 1235 Bookcliff Avenue in Grand Junction has been selling books for precisely $1 for some time now.

Does the Cost of $1 Apply to Only Some Titles?

No. All of the books for sale at Four Winds Coffee and Tea are precisely $1.

Proceeds Go To Support Students

According to their Facebook post from earlier today, money earned from books sales go towards a scholarship fund. The post states:

The proceeds from the books go into a scholarship fund to help college students with missions trips and campus retreats!

Where Do The Books Come From?

Their Facebook post reads, "...if you have books to donate you can drop them off at the shop!"

Something Else I Didn't Realize

My adventures take me down 12th Street at least once day, so I've driven past Four Winds Coffee and Tea countless times. Until now, though, I wasn't aware they are a non-profit shop with a mission to serve students and campus ministries at Colorado Mesa University. In addition to incredible deals on books, they serve locally roasted coffees and homemade baked goods.

Read More... and Drink More Coffee

Between the "Little Free Libraries" we posted about yesterday, along with the various branches of the Mesa County Libraries, and now this awesome coffee shop, you have several locations to score great deals on reading material.

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