The creepy clown phenomenon hit Grand Junction this morning, luckily it was a hoax.

Early this morning (Sept. 30), a threat was made on a social media towards Grand Junction by the clown known as Clowny Head Smasher. The post read:

I'll let you guys in on a little secret, doing this as a clown is exciting and I would die doing it. Murdering people sends exciting chills up my spine and doing stuff to them before and after I kill them is amazing. I took a long journey over to Grand Junction and I ain't stopping now. I hear there has been a lot of talk about us over here and I want to return the favor in a speical kind of way... Talk to you kids later! #weaintclowninaround

Shortly after, the Mesa County Sheriff's Department posted to their Facebook page that the threats were investigated and deemed a hoax. The threats seemed to come in from out of state.

According to Channel 11 News, authorities believe this may refer to Grand Junction, Mich. since a similar threat was made in Akron, Ohio, which is close to Grand Junction, Mich.

Students at Palisade High School were read the following message:

Students, we were notified of a post that was a general threat to students at high schools. Law enforcement was contacted. Initial investigations have determined that the threats are non-specific and are happening nationwide. Law enforcement, district security and school administration have determined that it is safe to attend school today. As always if you see or hear something, please let a teacher or administrator know.

The clown phenomenon has hit multiple states across the US, with threats recently made in Ft. Collins.

Do you consider this a sick joke or a form of terrorism?

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