It appears Central High School in Grand Junction isn't the only school in the US to receive a threat of violence this week.

The Mesa County Sheriff Office is investigating whether a call received Monday night and the call on Tuesday morning that led to the evacuation of the school are related.

The Sheriff's Office is also comparing those to a threat made against Oak Park High School in Kansas City, Mo. on Monday (March 27). That school was also evacuated. Authorities believe the same person made all of the threats.

Law enforcement agencies are also investigating similarities between the Central High School incident and those in Riverside, Calif. on Tuesday (March 28) and Atlanta, Ga. on Wednesday (March 29).

The Mesa County Sheriff's Office says making false threats or reports are a serious crime. They are actively investigating the Central High School threat while working with other law enforcement agencies around the US to identify and locate the suspect or suspects in these cases.

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