The lockdown of Fruita Monument High School and Fruita 8/9 led to a significant amount of concern for everyone involved. In an effort to give you a factual account and some reassurance, this is what happened.

The events started this morning (March 7) at 8:20 when the Fruita Police Department received a report of a man with a gun threatening someone at the Maverick Gas Station near Fruita Monument High School. That report indicated the person with the gun was walking towards the high school.

As is standard procedure when there is police activity in an area near a school, both Fruita Monument High School and Fruita 8/9 were instructed to shelter-in-place as a precaution.

A Safe2Tell tip was received by law enforcement at 8:36 a.m. about a possible threat at Fruita Monument High School. Because of the alleged incident at the Maverick, law enforcement who were already on scene began to investigate the report. Both schools were put on lockdown as an additional precaution.

Since law enforcement in the area had not seen a gunman or heard shots fired, they entered both schools and did a complete check of the buildings to ensure both schools were secure and safe.

While the schools were being checked, Fruita Police continued their investigation into the incident at the Maverick Store. That investigation revealed the incident did not happen today but was actually a report of a possible sighting of a person who was believed to have pointed a gun several days ago at a different location.

Based on the combined investigation of the Fruita Police Department, Mesa County Sheriff's Office, Colorado State Patrol, Grand Junction Police Department, and other agencies who responded, there was not an active shooter, a person with a gun, or shots fired at or near any of the schools.

Law enforcement are confident there was never a threat to the schools or the store where the gunman was supposedly sighted.

At approximately 1 p.m. students were released to their parents or kept at school until transportation could arrive. Classes at the schools involved will resume as scheduled on Thursday morning.

While there was not threat, it is reassuring to know our first responders take reports seriously and respond quickly. Those agencies also want to thank the community for the support received while investigating today's reports.

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