Montrose Police have been busy lately dealing with multiple reports of possible school violence at two different schools.

The first report came Thursday afternoon (February 28) from Montrose High School. At the time of the report, the student who was the source of the threat was unknown.

Following an investigation by Montrose Police Officers and Montrose High School administration, they tracked the information to a middle school student who knew nothing specific.

Another student was questioned about a possible threat that turned out to be false. After interviewing the student, it was determined the student was talking about an event two years ago that was dealt with by police at that time.

Another report on Thursday morning (March 1) came from Pope John Paul II Academy. An investigation into that threat resulted in an arrest. Police say this report is unrelated to reports at Montrose High School.

This afternoon, (March 1) Montrose Police investigated another threat at Montrose High School which resulted in an arrest. The most recent threat is unrelated to the incidents earlier today.

During investigations of these reports, Montrose authorities say there is no credible threat to any Montrose school. In response to the circumstance surrounding these threats, the Montrose Police Department wants students and parents to know,

We applaud all students who have reported to Administration and teachers. Please continue to do so. However, this situation highlights the importance of coming to administration or staff immediately. Rumors are evil, very dangerous, and when spread absolutely irresponsible. Rather than taking to social media, please come to school staff or Safe-2-Tell, or call law enforcement to report.

Those with questions or concerns can always contact the Montrose County School District at 970-249-7726 or if needed, an on-duty Officer by calling WestCo Dispatch at 970-249-9110.

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