If you go into a Chinese restaurant and hear them speaking Chinese, chances are pretty good that you have just found a great place for Chinese Food.

Here in Grand Junction, Colorado, you have choices when it comes to Chinese food and today we are going to take a look at 10 places that get the most recommendations according to Tripadvisor.com.

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Signs You Found A Great Chinese Restaurant in Grand Junction Colorado

What are some signs you can look for at a Chinese restaurant to make sure you are in for a real treat? Well, do they speak Chinese? Do you see Chinese writing on the menu? Are there shrines in the restaurant? Do they have English and Chinese versions of the menu?

Authentic vs American-Chinese Food

If you see crab rangoon, duck sauce, or egg foo young, you are enjoying food that is more American than Chinese but that certainly doesn't mean it's bad. Sometimes that is what ya crave. Most times when looking for Chinese food, the Americanized version is really all I want. Plus, some crunchy chow mein noodles.

10 Places For Great Chinese Food in Grand Junction Colorado

When I first moved to Grand Junction I was surprised to see more than just a couple of Chinese restaurants. I've made my way to several of the suggestions below but not all of them. I need to buy bigger pants first.

Let's scroll through 10 places serving a variety of different types of Asian, and Asian-American food inspired by the far east.

10 Picks for Great Chinese Food In Grand Junction Colorado

Scroll through the top spots for Chinese food here in Grand Junction, Colorado.

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