I had no idea that the City of Grand Junction has its very own block party trailer. The trailer is filled with tables and chairs, lawn games, and other miscellaneous items to enjoy during your gathering. And if you reach out to the city you might just be able to have this trailer at your upcoming event at no cost.

Beyond just promoting the trailer the city of Grand Junction wants to promote getting to know your neighbors. This means if you're planning a little block party or neighborhood barbecue this might be a perfect opportunity to have the block party trailer dropped off.  Which would make organizing the event a whole lot easier.

What Does It Cost to Use the City of Grand Junction's Block Party Trailer?

From what I see on the City of Grand Junction website is there is no cost to using the trailer. But you must put in a request form for a $250 grant to use the trailer, so it's very possible that they normally charge people to use the trailer. After you submit your application it could take up to 14 days to hear back if it's approved. There are only a limited number of grants available to use the trailer so get your application in as soon as possible.

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Examples of Events Where the Block Party Trailer Would Be Perfect

Events such as BBQs, potlucks, and ice cream socials have been so much easier when using the Grand Junction block party trailer. Don't be shy to turn in an application, the city could help make your event a big success.

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