Comedian and social media phenomenon Ginger Billy will make his way to Grand Junction, Colorado in March 2022. Catch this funny man during his Backwoods Comedy Tour.

Until recently I was unfamiliar with this comedian. After a couple of quick Youtube videos, I'm hooked. Check out a few of his routines.

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Backwoods Comedy

There are a number of comedians doing the "Redneck" comedy thing. It's been popular for some time. Ginger Billy, though, has it down pat. My bunch rolled out of southern Illinois and northern Tennessee, and let me tell you, Ginger Billy has it figured out.

You'll Never Guess What This Guy Used To Do Before Comedy

Would you like to take a shot at guessing what Ginger Billy, a.k.a. Adam Parkins, used to do for a living before comedy? You'll never guess.

In a previous life, Ginger Billy was a respiratory therapist. Let me say that again - Ginger Billy used to be a respiratory therapist.

Why the Career Change?

It should come as no surprise that Ginger Billy's major life change was influenced by Dale Earnhart, Jr.  Ginger Billy said in an interview with

Well, when he retired, I thought to myself, ‘man, you know what? This would be something that, uh, all rednecks would love if I talked about... When I saw how many views it got, I thought to myself, you know what, this might be actually pretty cool. This might be something I want to try again.


Ginger Billy's Backwoods Comedy Tour Coming to Grand Junction, Colorado

Ginger Billy will make his way to the Mesa Theater in Grand Junction, Colorado on Saturday, March 26, 2022. Tickets range in price from $35 to $65.

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