A giant pumpkin, grown in Collbran and weighing 450 pounds, is currently on display at a Grand Junction furniture store.

According to Gerald Hawkins, owner of Black Carriage Furniture, the behemoth was grown by Bob and Vicki Wood in Collbran and delivered to his store after he expressed interest in growing giant pumpkins.

Hawkins says he researched methods for growing giant pumpkins and found it's not only lot different than growing your regular garden variety pumpkins, but a lot more work.

Hawkins admits his efforts to grow a giant pumpkin this year were foiled when he tried to turn his pumpkin and it broke away from the vine.

While a 450 pound pumpkin is gigantic compared to regular pumpkins, it's also far from the largest pumpkin ever grown which weighed over 2,000 pounds.

Still, a 450 pound pumpkin could potentially make hundreds of pumpkin pies. When asked what his plans are for the giant pumpkin, Hawkins says he's going to feed the pumpkin to his pigs.

Pumpkin pork chops anyone?

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