It's that time of the year, it's time to carve some pumpkins! I love coming up with unique ideas, like the ones above, and here's a are few Colorado inspired pumpkin carvings.

Despite my deep hatred for pumpkins, carving their insides outs and making a design out of them gives me joy. You can really let your imagination run wild when it comes to carving jack-o'-lanterns, the designs are endless. This can make it hard to pick your jack-o-lantern so I picked out a few Colorado-esque designs to get you started.

Shred the Gnar

Everybody is all about hitting the slopes here in Colorado. Why not make your pumpkin do the same? Whether you make yours into a skier or snowboarder, it's definitely a Colorado-esque jack-o'-lantern.

Craft Beer Over Capacity

Colorado is the home of craft beer and this jack-o'-lantern is over its capacity for craft beer. This design seems super simple and easy to do. The expression and addition of the "jack-o-lantern's" beer bottles are up to you.

Just Clownin' Around

Since the "IT" novels and movies were inspired by a walk Stephen King took in Boulder, this is totally a Colorado-esque jack-o'-lantern. Pennywise makes for a terrifying clown and equally terrifying jack-o-lantern. Attaching a red balloon or putting Pennywise by a storm drain will up the scare factor.

Bongs, Joints, and Marijuana

This is so Colorado! Colorado's marijuana sales for 2017 alone are over $1 billion. There are a lot of possibilities with this one too. You could make your design into the shape of or add a joint, some glass, a marijuana leaf, some shades and maybe even some munchies.

Ballin' Like a Bronco

If you're into football, you could easily recreate this design for any team. No matter if it's the Broncos, the Rockies, CMU or the Packers. You could choose their logo, the mascot, the players' name, number, and likeness are all possible designs.

The Land Before Time

Dinosaur bones are constantly found in Colorado. like the triceratops bones found recently in Thornton. Make you jack-o'-lantern a land before time with your dino of choice, maybe an t-rex like the one above?

Home of Endless Mountains

There are so many mountains around Colorado, they seem endless. Let nature be your inspiration for this jack-o'-lantern. Add some trees, make it a range or focus on one mountain, the choice is yours.

Here Fishy Fishy

After I go fishing, I think about fishing, I watch fishing videos and I dream about fishing. I'm not alone in my love for fishing here in Colorado. The Grand Mesa alone has over 300 lakes. This trout jack-o'-lantern is beautiful and makes me want to go fishing, here fishy fishy.

Don't Wine, Just Drink

Wine Country = the Grand Valley. There's nothing to "wine" about here when it comes to wine. The Merlot, Pinot Grigio, whatever you drink can inspire your jack-o'-lantern. Your jack-o-lantern could include a wine glass, bottle, grapes or the words Happy "Hallowine".

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