One of the fastest growing segments of criminals in Colorado are older than you might think. We're familiar with crimes targeting the elderly, but older Americans are also committing more crimes.

Nationally, over the last decade there has been a 150-percent increase in criminals over the age of 50. Colorado, who's median age is less than the national average, hasn't seen the dramatic increase of crimes committed by people over 50, but it appears to be coming.

According to a 9 News report, the fastest growing demographic in Colorado are people over the age of 65. It's predicted that by 2030 that demographic will have increased by 150-percent. Law enforcement is also expecting an increase in crimes committed by these people.

While fraud is one of the top crimes, there has also been an increase in other criminal activity, including shoplifting, frivolous lawsuits and even murder.

It appears elderly criminals are targeting the elderly, especially those with money. Cash strapped older Americans are turning into criminals in an effort to maintain a decent lifestyle after retirement.

The report also indicates Colorado will see a significant increase in elderly homelessness as retirees who don't turn to a life of crime may find they lack the money to meet even basic financial obligations.

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