You might think of Colorado as being a young state, but it actually has the second oldest county in the entire nation.

When you mention Colorado, it is easy to conjure up images of young skiers, cyclists, river rafters, mountain hikers, and weed-smokers, but the state may not be as young as you think.

According to 24/7, Mineral County, Colorado is the second oldest county in the country with a median age of 60.9. Colorado's overall median age is  36.3.

Mineral County is one of Colorado's smallest counties and is located in the southwest part of the state, just north of Pagosa Springs. Half the county's residents live in the town of Creede, which is probably more likely to have a square dancing hall than a movie theater.

The nation's median age has grown to 37.6 compared to 29.5 in 1960.

By the way, Florida has the oldest county in the nation with a median age of 65.3. And in case you are wondering, the median age in Mesa County is 38.4, just slightly above the national average.

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