Here's a guy who continues to work without pay, but it's not actually his job.

Zach Frank is a national park ranger who, like thousands of other Americans, works for the government and is currently not getting a paycheck. But, that's not keeping him from sharing his passion for the beauty and wonder of the country's national parks.

On his blog, Frank says he's wanted to be associated with the National Park Service for as long as he can remember, and recently that dream came true, and he became a Visual Information Specialist. I think that means he is a photographer.

Though the experience, as he describes it, isn't everything he hoped it would be, Frank is passionate about our national parks and plans to visit all 418 sites and share his journey with the rest of us via posts, photos, videos, and recommendations.

So, one of the videos Zack Frank has created during his downtime was this one featuring the amazing Dinosaur National Monument in northwest Colorado and northeastern Utah. I've driven past the monument, but have never visited. After watching Zack's video, I'm putting Dinosaur National Monument on my 2019 bucket list.

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