The Grand Junction Salvation Army says more families are signing up for assistance.

There are several local restaurants, banks, and service-related businesses that have stepped up to help furloughed federal employees and their families. The most recent, the Salvation Army. They wanted to let government workers know that they're always welcome to get whatever they need. Stop by anytime Monday through Saturday from 10 AM to 7 PM and pick up some food or a clothing voucher.

At over a month, the government shutdown is now the longest in US history with no end in sight. Two Senate bills proposed today both failed to get approval. Many federal employees have been without a paycheck for weeks.

Also impacted are those on local food stamp programs. “A lot of people have been coming in, they're afraid not to have any food next month they did get their stamps for this month but they sort of wasted them and they won’t have any for next month so they are in a panic and we are getting more people,” says Mary Strohm with Salvation Army Social Services. The Department of Agriculture says they will help pay for most of the snap benefits for this month but more than 8 million people risk experiencing a gap in their benefits in March if the shutdown continues much longer.

The Salvation Army offers food boxes every Tuesday through the federal emergency programs TEFAP and CSFP, as well as their local food pantry. If you need help or have a question contact the Salvation Army by calling the Assistance Office at 970-644-5655 or 970-644-5163.

Credit: KJCT8

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