For many of us, the flat refusal to advance into the 21st century is the only way we can hang on to what was.

I thought about that the other day and I realized I am like that. I don't want to let go of my analog lifestyle, and so I refuse to change in many areas. Maybe you're like me in that regard, or you know someone who is. Take a look at these five examples of how behind the times we are.

Never uses GPS

For many, especially in Colorado, we base our directions on the mountains. If you're going to Denver, head towards the Rocky Mountains. If you're going to Grand Junction, head away from them. It's a tried and true method, right? To a certain extent, yes, but without getting into all of the variables, finding streets and addresses requires you to get digital. It's either that or drive around until you happen upon it by accident, after using a quarter tank of gas.

Getting a Cell Phone

We all know someone like this. I was someone like this for a long time. I didn't want to be able to be contacted 24 hours a day, seven days a week. But then, it just sort of happened. One day I woke to a new world. A world of constant updates, wrong numbers, telemarketers and more annoyances on a daily basis. For those who refuse to get a cell phone and join the wave, I can only say this; "How"?

Local Radio Only

These are my true heroes, for obvious reasons. Why waste time listening to people who don't know you or where you live when you can hear the same thing from people who do know you and are where you live? Most will tell you using their playlist allows them the comfort of hearing only what they want. But we who do listen to the radio win stuff, know stuff and can anticipate the weather better than our digital counterparts. So there.

The Store is down the street

I love this one. To the " I'm not shopping online" crowd I can only say this: "Me too."

I appreciate the ease of which shopping online affords us all, but just remember when you go shopping at the store, no one is going to take your packages. Unless you leave them in your unlocked car, that is. We've all seen stories of packages getting stolen from porches because they were delivered and left on the porch. You shop, you wrap, you put under the tree, you watch the news about other people getting packages ripped off.

No additional ads

Shopping digitally means you get to click off of hundreds of ads that pop up while you're "shopping". Isn't that fun? But when you get out there and shop in a store, the only ads you hear are on the bad sound system in the store, which most people drown out anyway. And it's very easy to overlook the on sale sings in the store, unless it's something you want to buy.

See how easy it is to get untangled from all of those phone chargers, earbuds, and big computer screens and still get things you want?

In theory, anyway.

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