If you wanted to get as far away from Grand Junction as humanly possible on this earth, where would you have to go?

To get as far away from Grand Junction as possible, you would need to locate the point on the planet that is located diametrically opposite Grand Junction's location on the globe. Then, to find the farthest city from Grand Junction you have to locate the closest city to that antipodal point.

What Does Antipodal Mean?

If you are like me, the word antipodal doesn't come up often in everyday conversation. In fact, if I counted up all the times in my life that I've said the word "antipodal" the total would be zero. That being the case, I figure there are probably plenty of others who have never said the word, let alone know what it means.

According to Dictionary.com, the word antipodal - as it relates to geography- means  1)the opposite side of the globe; and 2) diametrically opposite.

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This City Is Farther From Grand Junction That Any City In the World

Since three-fourths of Earth is covered in water, most antipodal points are located in the oceans, but, many cities in the world are antipodes of each other. Thanks to the website deodatos.net, we can easily locate Grand Junction's antipode, and the chances are you have never heard of it.

The city nearest to the opposite side of the world from Grand Junction - and the entire state of Colorado for that matter - is Port-aux-Francais, the main settlement of the Kerguelen Islands in the southern Indian Ocean. It's more than 11,000 miles from Grand Junction.

Tour the Farthest City In the World From Grand Junction

Scroll on to learn more about Port-aux-Francais and to see images of Grand Junction's antipodal city on the other side of the globe. Of all the populated locations in the world, this is the farthest one from Grand Junction, Colorado.

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