If you haven't visited one of the Enstrom locations in Grand Junction, Colorado then you are missing out on a fantastic treat.

For those who weren't aware, Enstrom Candies was created right here in Grand Junction, Colorado, and has been going strong for over 60 years.

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Jones-Enstrom Ice Cream Company | Grand Junction, Colorado

Enstrom candies was founded by Chester K. “Chet” Enstrom, but before Chet's candy business, he actually had a successful ice cream business.

Chet moved to Grand Junction with his wife Vernie back in 1929 and quickly met his future business partner Harry Jones.

Together the two created Jones-Enstrom ice cream and opened the doors to their business in the fall of 1929. Unfortunately, the great depression hit and it was a struggle to keep the business going. Despite the odds against them, the company was successful for 30 years.

Enstrom Candy Co. | Grand Junction, Colorado

Throughout those 30 years, Chet had also begun dabbling in creating his own candy and gave chocolate dipping lessons to residents.

Chet ran a candy booth at the yearly Grand Junction Lions Club Carnival. During WWII Chet made toffee for young men in the military as long as their parents provided butter and sugar, which were rationed and hard to come by at the time.

In 1960 Chet created the recipe for Enstrom's famous almond toffee and shortly after, he and Vernie decided to open their own shop, Enstrom Candy Co.

Enstrom Candies | Grand Junction, Colorado + World

5 years later Chet decided to sell the business to his son and daughter-in-law, Emil and Mary Enstrom. The business has since stayed in the family and is currently run by Emil and Mary's daughter Jamee and son-in-law Doug Simons.

Jamee and Doug Simons purchased the company in 1993, and have since brought Enstrom Candies to not only Grand Junction, but the world.

Doug Simons was even inducted into the class of 2021 Candy Hall of Fame for his accomplishments in the candy business. Jamee and Doug have two sons together and have high hopes that the two will continue the family's candy legacy for many years to come.

Visit Chet Enstrom's Original Candy Factory | Grand Junction, Colorado

If you're in the area, don't miss the opportunity to visit Enstrom's original candy factory located at 701 Colorado Avenue in downtown Grand Junction, Colorado.

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Tour the Original Enstrom Candy Factory

Check out all the fun treats at the location of the original Enstrom Candy factory.

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