Driving Peak to Peak allows you to take in the never-ending glowing aspens and fall colors of Colorado. Peak to Peak is the oldest scenic byway in Colorado.

Start your Peak to Peak fall color drive in Central City and end in Estes Park. You cross the Continental Divide on this drive, which is about 40 miles, peak to peak.

On this drive, you'll pass many old mining towns. You can even see the mine tailings in Ward, which is a little past Blackhawk. Some even pan for gold in the creeks and mines.

This scenic byway was established in 1918, making it the oldest in Colorado.There's a lot of ghost towns on the drive like Caribou, which used to be a silver camp.

Other than the glowing aspens, another beauty is the Chapel on the Rock. It's officially called Saint Catherine of Siena Chapel and it's in Allenstown near Estes Park. This looks like something out of a fairytale. The chapel was built in the 1930s and as of 1999, is a historic site.


Drive Peak to Peak and See Colorado's Glowing Aspens
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