Read these reviews we found that are all about downtown Grand Junction. Some reviews about downtown are raving, some are criticizing and some are just funny.

Not Everyone Feels the Same About Downtown Grand Junction

In our opinion, downtown Grand Junction is a charming place with lots of restaurants and shops to see. Not everyone feels the same though. We came across some reviews about downtown Grand Junction and we just had to share.

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Read the Reviews We Found About Downtown Grand Junction

Take a look at the reviews we found about downtown Grand Junction on Tripadvisor.

Could Have Stayed Longer

Sarah S. on Tripadvisor stated that after she ate at Bin 707, she happened to be in downtown Grand Junction for a festival. Her review goes onto say she bought some cherries, wishes she stopped at a tasting room and in downtown Grand Junction 'there is something to interest everyone.'

Mecca For Hobos and Rejects

According to BigMountain Traveler's review on Tripadvisor about downtown Grand Junction, states how Grand Junction is 'a mecca for hobos and rejects.' They also said that parking is horrible and there are bums, drunks and degenerates all over the place.

Turn Back Time

Armado S.'s review stated that taking a trip to downtown Grand Junction is like turning back time. 'Turn your calendar back 25 years for the charming easy going downtown' they said on Tripadvisor.

Absolute Total and Complete Waste of Time

Jake's review about downtown Grand Junction starts with how it was 'an absolute total and complete waste of time.' He says downtown Grand Junction is full of junk, crap and more junk, and parking is too difficult. He ended his review about downtown Grand Junction with 'trust me you can do anything around Grand Junction and it'd be better than going downtown.'

Photo Op at Every Corner

HelpfulAngel on Tripadvisor stated in her review about downtown Grand Junction that it's full of unique stores, restaurants, and artwork. The title of her review is 'photo op at every corner and she goes onto say that she 'enjoyed this downtown from all of of the downtowns we've seen on our trip in Colorado.'

Dog Owners Beware

The title of Oaky9's review on Tripadvisor about downtown Grand Junction makes it sound like something terrible might happen to your beloved furbaby. Their review states how disappointed they were to see that downtown Grand Junction isn't dog-friendly, which isn't true.

Suburbia USA

According to LJinCB's review about downtown Grand Junction on Tripadvisor, downtown Grand Junction is fun a has more of a small-town feel 'than the rest of Grand Junction, which looks like Suburbia USA.' Their review goes onto say that there are tons of places to eat and shop in downtown Grand Junction.

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