A great piece of old west history is coming home to Glenwood Springs.

The derringer belonging to Doc Holliday, one of the few things found in his room at the Hotel Glenwood on the day he died, has been purchased by the Glenwood Springs Historical Society and will soon be on display.

The gun, a .41 caliber double-barreled 1866 Remington, was bought for Holliday by his common law wife Katherine "Big Nose Kate" Horony-Cummings with the inscription to Doc from Kate clearly inscribed on it.

Holliday, as you may or may not know, moved to Glenwood Springs in the hopes that the vapor caves there would help cure his tuberculosis. Holliday passed away on November 8th, 1877 destitute and the gun was used as partial payment for his funeral.

The Glenwood Springs Historical Society recently purchased the gun and will have it, and other frontier historical items on display soon.

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