In today's world, it's impossible to make everyone happy, and in this case, I wonder if most people are happy with the decision.

This week, the Colorado High School Activities Association announced that fall high school sports, including football, would be delayed. At this point, the high school football season is scheduled to begin on February 22 and run through May 8. Teams will play a 7-game schedule, and the post-season will feature eight teams in each classification.

With so much uncertainty surrounding the coronavirus pandemic, even the announced change of schedule seems far from certain. Nobody knows what February 2021 looks like. Will the virus be gone? Will it be on the way out? Will restrictions be significantly reduced by that time to allow a contact sport like football? Only time will answer those questions.

Opinions regarding the way the government and local entities are handling the crisis are as wide and varied as the stars in the nighttime sky. Unless I miss my guess, there are vast differences in opinion about CHSAA's decision to delay the high school football season.

At the college level, we have seen some programs and leagues canceling the 2020 season, while some schools and conferences remain determined to make a college football season happen this fall. Spring college football has certainly been part of the discussion, but the reality of any college football remains questionable.

Meanwhile, the NFL is planning to hold its upcoming season - with or without fans. Teams are beginning to gather and practice with COVID-19 testing and protocols in place and plans are being made to start the season on time. But, again, the reality of what actually happens may be far different from what actually transpires.

So that takes us back to high school football. Is moving the season the right decision?

Honestly, I don't really have an opinion on this, because I am not a parent of a student-athlete. Those are the opinions I would be most interested in. Are parents concerned about the health and well-being of their kids? Do parents feel like the risk to their children is minimal and want to see these athletes playing a normal schedule in a regular season? Is CHSAA's decision, which was based upon current state guidelines an overreaction, or did they really not have a choice? Should student-athletes be given the choice to play or not to play? In the big picture, is this not even a big deal?

There are many questions and few answers. There are also many opinions, so what is yours. Here's your chance to speak your mind. Answer the question below and feel free to fill in your own response.

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