Grand Junction residents have never been shy about expressing their opinions.

When I first heard the notion of making Santa Claus a woman, or simply removing any gender references in regards to Santa I just had to ask. I pretty much knew what to expect, I just didn't expect it to be so strong and so overwhelming.

The idea seemed ludicrous to me for many reasons. But, you know, you always wonder what other people are thinking so I conducted a poll and here's how people responded. Keep in mind, in the poll I offered some unconventional answers, to the question "Should Santa Claus stop being a man?"

NO   26%
YES  4%

I gave folks the chance to offer their own comments and here is what they said.

  • "This is just ridiculous"
  • **** no! If it isn't broken why fix it!!
  • Stop trying to change what is already and focus on more important issues!
  • How stupid!!!
  • "What the hell is wrong with people. Santa Claus is a man and always will be."

I have to say, I am greatly relieved to know that a majority of people are thinking the same way I am on this matter. Surely there won't ever be a serious movement to change Santa's identity, but if it happens I would hope the silent majority would speak up and squash this ridiculous concept before it ever has a chance to grow legs.

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