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We want to know who the best barber in Grand Junction is and we need your help. Vote for the best barber in Grand Junction now.

We've done a post where you voted for the best hairstylist in Grand Junction, and now it's the Grand Junction barber's turn. We asked you this on our Facebook:

And we took all of your answers and put them into a poll. Barbara Johson Christianson commented on our Facebook and says her husband's barber changed him from Grizzly Adams to a super hunk real quick. Barbers have a lot of power, they can make your look or break your look, they clean you up or cut you down.

You nominated barbers from all over the place in Grand Junction from Studio Elevate to Men's Room, to Faded Lifestyle. There are a lot of barbers here in Grand Junction, which is why we need your help to find the best of the best. Vote for the best barber in Grand Junction below and if you don't see your go-to barber, you can just write them in.

Voting has ended.

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