A small plane crashed in Delta over the weekend, but the pilot was able to walk away unharmed.

While most of us were making plans for the Labor Day holiday weekend, a pilot in Delta was counting their blessings, lucky to be alive.

Plane Goes Down After Experiencing Engine Problems

According to the Delta Police Department, a single-engine Skyline Cessna crashed Friday around 12 noon near I Road and 1525 Road. The pilot, who was not identified in the press release, was reported to be unharmed and walking around the plane.

Reported indicate the small plane was experiencing engine problems about 30 minutes after taking off from Delta Blake Field. The pilot was attempting to return to the airport when the plane went down just south of the airport.

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Plane Found Upside Down In Hayfield

The Delta Police Department, the Delta County Sheriff's Office, and Delta County EMS responded to the scene where they found the plan on its top in a hayfield west of the 1525 Road and I Road intersection, not far from the airport. At that time the pilot was reportedly out of the plane and walking around.

Delta Police Department
Delta Police Department

FAA To Investigate Plane Crash

The Delta Police Department says the FAA and NTSB were notified and the FAA will investigate why the plane went down.

We are so happy this story has a happy ending because it could have been a lot worse. Anytime your plane goes down - and it's not on the runway and you walk away from the crash, it is a good day.

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